This is the big question…..Adult Stem Cells and Anti-Aging fact or Fiction?

Our expectancy of living a longer and healthier life is increasing day by day

Wonderful improvements have been made by medical science to keep us alive longer by continuously discovering how our amazing bodies work!

A lot of us can anticipate a life which is a lot longer compared to our ancestors.

In reality, our bodies were built with the capability of healing themselves so long as you take appropriate care of yourself.

Taking care of ourselves, includes having a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise, drinking sufficient clean water, and of course having a positive outlook on life.

adult stem cells and anti-agingBut even when we take the steps to take care of ourselves we can fall short without, without realising it.

For instance, many of today’s fresh foods have a decline in nutritional value and living in the environment we live in, means we are exposed to more toxic chemicals than we perhaps realise.

A proven way to combat many of these issues it to take good quality supplements to help supply our body with the nutrients it needs and also to help with things like keeping free radical damage to a minimum.

Our body consists of around 100 trillion or 100,000,000,000,000 cells that are living. They use certain vitamins and minerals etc, to maintain strength and health.

However, all of these trillion cells eventually die and they will be replaced by adult stem cells that become each specific cell type.

Your whole body is practically totally restored every few years; in reality, you are a different person from before!

The role of Adult Stem Cells and Anti-Aging

How we take care of our existing cells plays a huge part in the anti-aging process…BUT no matter how well we look after our existing cells they will still die.

Adult Stem CellsThe question is what are we doing to promote increased numbers of new healthy cells?

As part of the aging process our stem cell migration, from our bone marrow decreases, by the time the average person is around 50 they only have approximately 50% of the level of stem cell migration they had when they were 25.

So that mans that at a time when we need more repair and cell replacement than ever we do not have the Adult Stem Cells numbers in our system to carry out the work!

However, thanks to a group of dedicated scientists, in various fields, we now know that we can take positive beneficial action to increase our stem cell migration by up to 34%.



StemEnhance Ultra™ 

StemEnhance Ultra™ has been clinically trialled and proven to support an increase of adult stem cell migration to that level.

This exclusive, patented product assists the body’s inherent ability for long term self-renewal by supporting the release of bone marrow Stem Cells

It concentrates and combines, extracts from nature’s most primitive superfoods, fresh water microalgae and marine macroalgae, proving the body with the ultimate in stem cell support.

Adult Stem Cells









Anti-aging is very much a reality on many levels, and now on a truly cellular level!

Yours in good health!


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