Want to stimulate your Stem Cell Production?

Today I’m going to share with you, how to stimulate stem cell production. YOUR own stem cell production, no risky procedures or operations, something natural, easy to take, AND clinically proven to get results.

Most people I speak to have a similar opinions to the ones I had when I first heard about stem cells…

They thought it was something that you needed to have injected, transplanted or put into you in someway because you had a particular disease, or illness… and that stem cells came from the newly formed embryo’s…

But that is simply not the case!

Embryonic stem cells (ESC) have been in the news since 1998 when stem cells obtained from human embryo were first successfully grown in vitro. And as ESC were shown to have the ability of becoming virtually any cell type of the body, this achievement inspired many promises and raised expectations. Could injection of ESC lead to improvements in various degenerative diseases? Would it be possible to grow organs in vitro for the purpose of transplant? Could we manipulate the genetic material of embryonic stem cells in order to repair faulty genes in an organ?

But an ESC were fuelling much hope, research with ESC became rapidly encumbered by serious ethical considerations. First, the source of human ESC has to be human embryos.

The idea of growing human embryos with the intent of dismembering them after a week or so in order to grow ESC is obviously questionable, second and more worrisome is the fact that culturing human ESC could open the door to human cloning in order to grow actual organs. But aside from these ethical issues the main issue is that in spite of all the promises of ESC research nearly 10 years of research have delivered little in term of successful and safe ESC-based therapeutic approach.

But, while much of the world focused on developments in ESC research another breakthrough discovery was being made by numerous scientific teams throughout the world. Adult stem cells (ASC), the stem cells present in the body after birth, were also shown to
have the ability of becoming virtually any cell type of the body.

Adult Stem cells Difficult to grow in Vitro

ASC placed on brain. Liver or muscle tissue will rapidly become brain, liver and muscle cells. At first, because ASC are difficult to grow in vitro, many believed that they had little potential, but a series of in vivo studies rapidly establish that ASC have enormous potential in the body.

This discovery then spurred the concept that adult stem cells, having the ability of becoming any cell type of the body, might constitute the natural renewal system of the body. Studies using various novel scientific tools like Green Fluorescent Protein, which allows visual tracking of stem cells in the body, showed that when an organ is challenged it causes the release of compounds know to trigger stem cells release from the bone mar- row. The organ then releases compounds known to attract stem cells, and released stem cells travel to that organ. As they reach the organ in need, the stem cells migrate in the organ, proliferate and become cells of that organ, promoting tissue renewal.

This process takes place every day of our lives and constitutes the natural innate renewal system of the body. As stem cells travel in the body, they participate to maintaining optimal health throughout the body.

Scientific, and anti-ageing research, has also discovered that as we age the production and release of our own adult stem cells reduces not just in quantity but also in quality.

For example :

  • Age 35 years our stem cell release drops by 45%
  • Age 50 years our stem cell release drops by 50%
  • Age 65 years our stem cell release drops by a massive 90%

So what if we do nothing about learning how to stimulate stem cell production?

Research has shown, that the decline of adult stem cells can lead to un-repaired damage in virtually any body part.  Leading to tissue breakdown, ageing and loss of health. So without active vigorous adult stem cells good health can be compromised, long-term.

So now here is the good news, and the solution on how to stimulate Stem Cell Production

In the search for optimum health and wellbeing committed Stem Cell Scientist, Botanical researcher and best selling author of “cracking the stem cell code” Christian Drapeau has discovered that not only areAdult stem cells the building blocks of maintaining health, he and his team discovered plants that are capable of tapping into the potential of Adult stem cells.

So anything we can do that’s natural to support the release of stem cells from the bone marrow and to support the overall function of stem cells in the body is a good thing and will contribute to creating and maintaining optimal health

Taking into account the work carried out by Dr Christian Drapeau and the discovery that particular plants are capable of a very positive impact on stem cells…

Clinical Trials revealed that Cerule’s StemEnhance product increases the release of adult stem cells by 25-30% within 60 minutes of consumption.

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THE ANSWER to how to stimulate stem cell production..

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