Stem Cell Nutrition and LUNG FUNCTION

I am seventy-five, and for many years I’ve suffered from a serious lung disease related to emphysema. A section of my lungs captures air, but doesn’t release it, so the air expands and compresses the rest of the lung so it can’t function well. This caused me to breathe very heavily, especially when sleeping and restricted my daily activities

A breath analyser test and chest x-ray showed that I had lost 45 percent of my lung capacity. The doctor said there was no activity in one section of my lungs. I was told there is no cure and no medication for my condition. Due to medical restrictions and the advice of my doctor, we decided against removing that part of my lung.

Within three weeks of starting on stem cell nutrition, I noticed a definite improvement. I could walk much farther without stopping to rest. My doctor tested the oxygen level in my blood and found it had increased. He discovered some activity in the part of my lungs that showed none before. I am now breathing better and don’t hear that rattling sound in my lungs. All the congestion is cleared up. Since then, I started an exercise program and even though I push the limits, I have no soreness or stiffness in my arms, shoulders or legs. Stem cell nutrition has given me a much brighter outlook for the future.

Lawrence Ashdown

Stem Cell Nutrition and MS (MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.)

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about seven years ago and suffered from fatigue and memory loss. The doctors started me on daily injections immediately, which I took for about a year and a half. My body did not have much reaction to those and I had another MRI. The multiple sclerosis seemed to be progressing, so the doctors wanted me to change medications.

I began a different series of injections, one every three days. I would be down for two days after each injection. Those were bad. I suffered through that regimen for about a year before finding some alternative therapy. I was drinking carrot juice and that seemed to help quite a bit, so I quit having the injections. But after two years, carrot juice wasn’t enough, so when I found out about stem cell nutrition, I decided to try it.

The very first night I took it, I could feel a difference. I not only slept well, but I woke up very early the next morning, which was unusual for me since fatigue was my biggest symptom. Now, with stem cell nutrition, my fatigue is lessening and my memory is beginning to get better. I rest much better now and I recommend stem cell nutrition to all of my friends. Christi Holman.

Christi Holman


Ageing is no fun – for the past 8-10 years I have been going downhill. I had to give up running which I loved as even fast walking meant I would pee blood. My heart was racing often resulting in numerous stays in Robina Hospital. I had an operation to correct it but was given the wrong medication so it was not successful. Last November my heart raced for 8 hours and they had trouble slowing it at the hospital, then it happened again in January, this time for 17 hours so I felt like I had run three marathons. The Cardiologist said not to do anything for 6 months so as to let the heart settle down.

Every time I sat down I fell asleep as my heart rate was too slow and I had no energy. In the meantime a Urologist said I needed an operation on my prostate and bladder or I might have to wear a bag – it was to cost $12,000. It became so urgent as it was very painful to pee.

I thought I should take something to build myself up before the operation or my heart might conk out. I knew a little about Stem Cell nutrition so thought I should try it so in February I ordered one bottle of StemEnhanceULTRA and one bottle of Cyactive from a Cerule Distributor. Within two weeks I did not need the operation – no pain and a stronger flow than I have had for 20 -30 years. I was over the moon, feeling better and saving $12,000.

Since then I have been taking all three of the Cerule products and I have not had any heart problems, have more energy, do not feel the cold like I used to and my eyesight has improved. Yes, the body’s natural repair system will work if you help it along a bit with an increased flow of your own Adult Stem Cells. I did not expect such a great result and of course not everyone will as we are all so different but it seems most people are dealing with some health issue or know someone who is and there are others who need help to maintain fitness so I am sure these products can help a lot of people.

I have been given a new lease of life so am grateful to have found these products at a critical stage with my health. I had seen numerous doctors and health practitioners who prescribed various things – even acupuncture but nothing worked.

Tony Hayden-Smith June, 2017

Stem Cell Nutrition and BURNS, MEMORY, ENERGY

I have been practising Massage & Bowen Therapy for the past 26 years. During this time I have experienced many forms of nutritional products with varied results. I started with the Stem Cell Nutritional products 20 months ago and have found it to have a profound affect on my emotional well-being, as well an improvement in clarity, memory and an increase in energy levels. I also endured a serious fire burn on 50% of my face which was an absolutely traumatic experience. However I have no physical or emotional scaring, which I believe is due to increasing my Stem Cell Nutritional products for a surprisingly short healing period of 6 weeks… This shocked all the Doctors & team at the Brisbane Burns clinic.

Jane Halliday, Queensland

Stem Cell Nutrition and RSI AND ARTHRITIS

I had RSI in my wrists—it took 3 months to be pain free and by a year later it felt like I had a new set of hands.

I was starting to get arthritis in my right big toe where I had had surgery when I was 12. At times the joint would seize up and be painful to walk on. Bit by bit it got better and better to the point I could stand on my tip toes (it had always been to painful to do this previously).

Linda Hoggard, New Zealand

Stem Cell Nutrition and Autism

Unbelievable results with my son, things we have been working on for months have just clicked in the last 3 weeks, specifically eye contact and comprehension. A month ago I’d have to be directly in front of him and would speak in 1 word instructions (car, off, eat etc.) now I can ask him to put his drink bottle away, put your plate in the sink, put one back. Also calling from the other side of house “Jacob come get dressed”, he comes at me directly and starts to undress himself (I’m amazed and could give you another 30 examples). If I could explain it, it’s like the fog has lifted and he can think and understand and even see better.

Oh Nat I’m lost for words to describe how it feels as his mum. I’m more than happy for you to share our story, I’ve been keeping a journal and a video log. I want to release in about a months’ time that I will share for all too. Linda asked me to start low and build up so he’s been on 1 StemEnhance and 1 CyActive for 3 weeks. I’ve just upped him to 2 of each yesterday.

One more experience to add is Jacob has a very low immune system effected by anything that passes his nose. Hospital admissions are countless for Bronchiolitis and Asthma including Intensive care, he also suffers with febrile seizures… so as soon we hear a cough or see any sign of a runny nose we’re on high alert 000 ready to call…. He was sick last week for 1 DAY 24 hours with just cough and lung tonic and Cerule. I still can’t believe it.

Sammie – Jacobs Mum Australia

Stem Cell Nutrition and CHRONIC BACK PAIN – DIABETES

I have been taking Stem cell nutrition since June 2013 and in quite a short time I had relief from chronic back pain from which I had been suffering for a number of years.

However as a Type 2 Diabetic I was a bit shocked when my doctor asked to see me after some routine blood tests. I was rather worried until he told me that my blood sugar results were the best they had ever been and he asked me what I had been doing.

I told him that I hadn’t changed my diet or exercised or did anything other than take the Stem cell nutrition products.
Although he didn’t know anything about the products he told me to keep taking them as they had made such a fantastic difference.


Gary Minnikin. Mooloolaba – QLD

Stem Cell Nutrition and Asthma

“I was born with asthma and I am now 46 years old, for years I have suffered with asthma and allergies and my doctor told me I will always have it! I have looked and tried many ways to deal with my asthma as taking steroids all your life is not good! So up until 2012 I had managed to find out that if I could deal to the allergies then the asthma would stop this also meant taking drugs on a regular basis. (not what I wanted)

Then in June 2012 a friend Tim, introduced me to Stem cell nutrition so on the first of July I went and got my full supply of drugs as it will be spring soon and I needed to get ready for the worst time of year! But at the same time, I started taking stem cell nutrition.

Well, mid September, I was standing at the bench in the kitchen and it just dawned on me that I had not been taking my meds and I thought this can’t be true!!! So I went to my drawer where I keep them and to my surprise all my meds were still wrapped up like I had just been to the chemist. I was truly amazed !

I also heal much faster, I will never stop taking Stem cell nutrition this is the best gift I have ever had! .”

Paul Davis Auckland, New Zealand.


Hello, my name is Christine and this is my story. On the 23rd July 2014, I was shopping and was not feeling really well. By the time my husband got me to the doctor’s surgery, I was in shock and my organs had started to shut down. I was given oxygen and prepared for transport to the base hospital, (110 kms away) Once in A&E I was checked out and had chest x-rays which disclosed a very severe chest infection and the lungs were full of fluid and my oxygen level was only 45%. The Doctors were not sure if I could be saved but with their care and medication I had improved enough to go home 5 days later.

I was then referred to a Pulmonary Specialist and after a series of tests was able to determine my lungs were not working to their full capacity. Then a CT Scan was done which showed that I had a 6mm nodule in the lower right lung. Further investigation determined early cancer. I also suffered from severe Pseudomonas for the last 3 years and severe bronchitis and asthma since birth.

A friend spoke to me about StemEnhance and within the first month I noticed I had more energy and the sebaceous cysts that I had on my feet, arms, abdomen and even between my legs, that I had suffered from for the last 10 years, were slowly shrinking. (I was taking 2 capsules of StemEnhance a day) At 3 months from diagnosis I was sent for another CT Scan. My GP knew I had been taking StemEnhance and was encouraging me not to stop taking it. My scan results still showed the cancer but it had not shrunk or grown in size so I was very happy. My eyesight had also improved so I didn’t need to wear my glasses all the time. Continuing with the StemEnhance and on 2 capsules twice a day, the cysts were getting smaller day-by-day, I was ecstatic as I had been very uncomfortable.

I have just been for another CT Scan (6 months after my first scan) and I got the best news. My scans showed my lung were clear, NO cancer! The Pseudomonas was also only mild as was the bronchitis. I am sure everyone out in the Doctors waiting room heard me scream for joy. For the last 60 days I have been taking 2x StemEnhance morning and night and even with my great news my Doctor has recommended I keep on it. I am due for another check-up CT Scan in 12 months’ time just as a precaution.

Update. Chris’s reply after I asked how she went with her check-up and CT Scan that was done 12 months later as a follow up. Well my lung specialist was very happy with my health progress. My lungs are still clear from any cancer and I am much stronger now. I have not had any flare-ups from
the Pseudomonas since Sept 2016, so no trips to hospital. I can’t have a double lung transplant as I have also been diagnosed with Lupus but I don’t care, I feel stronger than I have ever been in my life.

Update. 24th March 2017. After battling for 2 years with Lupus my last blood tests came back with NEGATIVE for Lymes Disease and NEGATIVE for LUPUS. My lungs have improved beyond any Doctors expectations or mine. I am so happy for Cerule Stem Enhance Ultra, I am living proof that Cerule does work. For anyone that is struggling with health issues all I can say is DON’T give up, give it time to do what is needed. I currently take 2 capsules of StemEnhance and the odd time will boost it to 2 capsules of StemEnhance twice a day.

Christine C. Victoria Australia

Stem Cell Nutrition and Rheumatoid arthritis

“Rheumatoid arthritis was my major ailment resulting in extremely pain- ful joints such as knees and legs, and inability to stand up or walk for more than 10 minutes. Also use of fingers, hands and arms greatly impaired by pain, and deteriorated to frozen shoulders and stiff neck.

I felt relief and recovered dexterity after 5 days taking double serving (6 capsules/day). Stem cell nutrition also got rid of vertigo which was start- ing. Infections come and go with change of weather but do not last long enough to worry me.

Thanks to friend who introduced me to the Stem cell nutrition, I avoided having to use steroids or surgery. I will continue using Stem cell nutrition to stay active, fit and physically independent despite ageing.”


Angelina Silli Philippines

Stem Cell Nutrition for Anti Ageing

Dr. White holds a Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology, an MA in Behavioural Science, and a B.F.A. in Fine Arts, Magna Cum Laude. In addition, she is li- censed in the State of Texas as a Psychologist, a Marriage and Family Therapist and as a Chemical Dependency Counsellor.

 I’ve always been interested in health generally and in particular the brain, focusing on the balance of neurotransmitters. I often do quantitative EEG’s for assessment of my patients. I’m impressed with the concept of a natural product like stem cell nutrition that could help release adult stem cells from the bone mass where the body would have no objection and no rejection.

I decided to try cell nutrition for general health anti-aging. After taking it for a time, I felt more agile and my Joints are far more flexible. I was astounded while doing yoga that I was suddenly able to bend over and touch my forehead to my knees. I haven ́t been able to do that comfortably in probably twenty years. I noticed how much better my balance has become. I believe stem cell nutrition is responsible for these effects, because I certainly haven ́t been trained extensively in yoga. Also since taking stem cell nutrition, I feel better and my skin is moister and has a finer texture.

A bald friend of mine wrote his testimonial on a stem cell blog. He was also taking the stem cell nutrition, and had several small cancers on top of his head. His doctor had removed one from his arm already, and his dermatologist set a date to remove those from his scalp. Before the appointment, my friend was shaving one morning and, looking in the mirror, saw that the cancers were all gone. They had disappeared within a few weeks of starting the stem cell nutrition and his skin is better overall. Also, his knee, which he ́d strained playing tennis, was like new. Stem cell nutrition seems to go where the body ́s priority is. You never know what the affect is going to be, but you notice something changing.

Another friend of mine seems to be dropping years. Her skin looks smoother and her face younger. After about six weeks on the stem cell nutrition, she looks like she ́s ten years younger. A woman who gives her regular facials asked what she was doing, because her skin looked so much different.

Stem cell nutrition is remarkable and could help anybody. Everybody should try it, because it ́s natural and there are no risks. As we grow older in years, we still can have good health. That’s the ideal. Even if you don ́t currently have a problem, stem cell nutrition is a preventative.

Dr Nancy White