Why all the focus on stem cells?

Stem Cells have become a dominant subject of headlines The, reason for their rise to fame is because of the significant potential Stem Cells offer, to repair, renew and rejuvenate the body.

What science has revealed is that Adult stem cells can become any cell type in the body.

Adult Stem Cells

What this means essentially is this, when adult stem cells are released from the bone marrow, they are what is called undifferentiated. Which means they are not a specific cell type, like a heart, liver, bone cell or any other type of tissue cell.

These undifferentiated adult stem cells circulate through the body attaching themselves to various tissues and then become that tissue type. For example, adult stem cells can become a heart, lung, liver, kidney cell or any other cell type in the body.

The discovery of the role, stem cells play, and the potential health benefits they can provide has sent the scientific community deeper and deeper into stem cell research to establish the best way to utilise them to create the best results

Stem Cell Nutrition

How can stem cells be used?

Currently, there are a number of approaches using stem cells.

A) Embryonic Stem Cells

stem cells

Let’s deal with the most controversial first. This approach is Embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are taken from the early stage of the embryo called the blastula and for that reason make these stem cells much less than ideal!

In fact, this is currently an extremely controversial application of stem cells and one that we do not involve ourselves with!

B) Cord Blood banking

Stem Cells

Private or Public cord blood banking is also available for those who wish to either save and store the Stem cell rich cord blood from the umbilical cord for potential use in the child’s life if stored privately, or it can be donated for public use.

There is extensive paper work, preparation and cost for storing the cord blood for personal use. When it comes to donating cord blood for public use there are rigorous standards for collection, sample quality, and screening of the sample to ensure it is worth banking. At this stage the majority of samples collected for the public banking option are ultimately discarded as they are not deemed acceptable for use.

C) Stem Cell Therapy

stem cells

The next approach is Stem Cell Therapy. Adult stem cells are harvested from the patient and are then reinjected into the problem area, for example the hips, knees etc. The cost of this type of therapy can range from $9,000 to $50,000 depending on the clinic and the specific area being treated.

D) Stem Cell Nutrition




Stem cell nutrition

This approach is non-invasive and easily accessed, and is by far the most sensible, ethical and cost-effective, to increase the natural release of our own adult stem cells using specific stem cell nutrition.

From the day we are born Adult stem cells are present in our bone marrow and are responsible for the renewal of our cells until the day we die. Unfortunately, like other functions in the body, the release of stem cells, from our own bone marrow decreases as we age.

The, average persons, stem cell release has dropped by approximately 50% by the time they are 50 years old and by 65 we only have around 5% of the stem cell numbers being released that we had when we were in our twenties!

So, what is this bottom line, why all the focus on Stem Cells?

Adult Stem cells offer the potential for optimal health and repair. Anyone who is looking to create optimal health or to improve repair and rejuvenation of the body and potential increase the anti-ageing factor, the use of stem cells makes perfect sense.

Living a long and healthy life is not an accident, it requires paying attention to our food and water intake, regular exercise and finding a balance between work and play.

Now thanks to the latest scientific research we know that by increasing our stem cell release we are providing our body with what it needs to repair, rebuild and rejuvenate at an optimum level!

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